Thursday, June 28, 2012

Trial with ScreenChomp App

Please remember these are just quick samples I created to try the product.  These are by no means a finished product.
There is lots of background noise on this one because the TV was on when I made this first sample.

I took a picture of a handwriting card I have in my classroom  (the picture can be taken inside the app.)and created this (trial) video for the student to listen to first and then they would go practice this by themselves.  I think I will do this at the beginning of the year.  My new first graders come in writing most of thier letters incorrectly. This would be a simple reteach starting the first week I get workstations up and running!  Just thinking about this idea.
(Opps, the "p" got cut off in ape.) 

Possible Uses for ScreenChomp Off the Top of My Head
Small Group Targeted Instruction to Preview a Lesson
Small Group Targeted Instrution to Review or Reteach  a Lesson
Post on Blog for Parents to Preview What Will Be Taught and in What Fashion
Post Students Work on Blog
Have Students Record Thinking for Any Subject
Send to absent students via email, blog etc.
Have Students Collaborate and Create and Publish
Take Pictures of Student's Work and Have Them Narrate Meaning
Document Workstation Work Completed
Data Notebook Evidence of Mastery
Give Workstation Mini Lessons
Workstation Instructions
Students Create and Share
and .....

Please feel free to add your own ideas in the comments.  If you have used ScreenChomp please share with us what you have found to be useful in your teaching experice !

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