Thursday, June 28, 2012

Trial of Animoto App

Animoto App
This is my sample trial of what I created with the Animoto App.  It is by no means a finished product. 

I have used Animoto online to create my end-of-the-year slideshows for my students.  I have a free "educators account"  that you can get at .  This is my first attempt using it on my ipad as an app.  These are random picutres from my daughter's wedding.  I just had a few of them on this ipad and threw them together with one of the templates provided in the app so this is just a sample.  I used music off my ipad and then the app had a place to create a video to embed into the show.  I grabbed a photo I had at hand and that is the video you see at the end of the slideshow.  You can only shoot for 10 secs using that function of the app.  I wonder if I had a longer video already created if it would import that into the slideshow?  I will have to try that at a later date.  You can share your creations via Facebook, Twitter, Email a link or text a link.  You can also download the video to the ipad by saving it to your camera roll.  I took me all of 4 minutes to do this.  I know I will use this in the classroom this year.  Please do not repost the video anywhere.  Thank you.

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