Thursday, June 28, 2012

ipad Apps

I have downloaded many apps onto my ipad.  I am taking time this summer to review them  more carefully so they will be useful in my classroom.  We will be getting an ipad cart on each floor at our school.  I personally have 2 ipads that I will be able to keep in my room for daily use.  I am going to share some trials of what I create as I experiment.  All the samples will be rough but I thought my followers would like to get a quick glimpse of what I learn over the rest of the summer.  I also hope to be able to share what I learn with my coworkers when the new school year begins.  If you have ideas or great apps please share with me what they are and how you use them in the comments section.  I really don't want to just find and download great apps, I want to successfully use them to help educate my students in exciting new ways.

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