Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Treasures Reading Series Poetry Journal by Mrs. Childress

These are poems that correlate to our Treasures reading series. Mrs. Childress has given me permission to post this book. If you want to be able to print the poems go to her site to download them. She also has fabulous ideas for art work to accompany each poem. I used some last year but plan to have the class create the entire journal from week to week this year. Some of the ideas I have read regarding journals is to have the students take them home over the weekend and read the new poem with their parents. I also saw another teacher say that she allows her students to take them out at recess. The children read the poem to others on the playground and have them sign that page. If the child reads it so many times they receive some type of reward. I plan on posting this on my class blog so my students will have access to the poems without having to take their journal home with them. I also will have individuals or the entire class recite some of our favorite poems for the school talent show and parents "Share Day". The free version of this flip book will only allow me to show 15 pages here but to see the entire book with one poem for each week of Treasures you can go HERE. Thank you Mrs. Childress for sharing all your hard work with others!! :)