Sunday, February 20, 2011

Unit 5 Week 1 Express Yourself Art Sites

I was creating a glog to place all my favorite art sites to go along with the theme "Express Yourself". The main character, Olivia, visits and art gallery in the story for Unit 5 Week 1 and so I like to focus on art. I am posting this stand alone glog for all the teachers that are ahead of me. I do not have the "Olivia" glog finished as of yet. I will post it next weekend. Hope this one proves helpful! mrssettle

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sailingintofirstgrade said...

I love all of your glogs and appreciate your hard work. A few weeks ago I did a very small donation on paypal. Hope you got it. Anyway I am awarding you a Stylish Blogger Award:

Kim @ Mrs. Saylor’s Log